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Data Entry Skills Can Open Doors to a New Career

The facts, figures and other information people find online, in resource books and in other publications don"t magically make their way onto a printed page. All of the information we find at our fingertips is quite literally the result of someone else"s fingertips at work.

Data entry clerks are those people who actually work with the information in its original form, whether handwritten or typed documents, spreadsheets or recorded messages, and type the details into a database or some other specified computer program.
The skills
Though not hard work, data entry requires a certain set of skills and discipline. The ability to type quickly is an obvious asset for a data entry clerk. Often inputting volumes of information for a fixed fee, the faster you type, the more you earn.
Even if your fingers fly across that keyboard at the speed of light, typos and erroneous information are of no use to anyone. The data entry clerk who maintains steady focus on the task at hand and points out discrepancies in large amounts of material to an employer will certainly have an edge in a competitive work environment.
The benefits
An individual skilled in data entry isn"t limited to a particular type of company or workplace. The need to create and update files, mailing lists, web sites, and more is commonplace for most any organization. Another attractive aspect is that many companies offer data entry work from your own home. It can be ideal for stay-at-home moms, students or individuals who are looking to supplement their full time income.
The classifieds are usually laden with job postings for data entry clerks. Some require specific knowledge of certain programs. Particularly if you are already in the profession, take the time to learn new word processing programs, spreadsheet systems, web site coding and even medical transcription. Having and mastering these skills can make all the difference between a company choosing you or another candidate for a position.
Individuals interested in data entry careers should be wary of advertisements that offer information about data entry opportunities for a fee. Though some may be legit, there area ample job postings that you can apply for, for free.
By Neil Whitehall
Get Data Entry Jobs, Contributing Editor

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